Your Face is Booked in the Black Mirror

Dysopian future is what described in the Black Mirror series. They warn us what might happen if we stick we the movement to the brave new world of surveillance, social score and the virtual politicians. It showed the worst parts of the society, making it absolutely clear something is wrong with us. Of course if you are ready to liten.


What do we know about the copyright? People are keen to protect their right to own the information. One smart guy called Aaron Swartz shared the idea that information is the power, and like all power, there are personalities who want to keep it for themselves.

Europe is one step away from the law to change the Internet we know. And it will become worse. It hardly ever becomes better.

We have GDPRed our policies

Have you seen such mails in your inbox? Like "We have updated our privacy policies, please provide us with the updated ways to own your ass". We bet you have. Those were quite frequent last weeks and days, so you probably seen the joke about the GDPR update notification on the canned beans whatever.

Passwords Nowadays

Passwords are rather important nowadays. Yes, back in the past they were not that important, and Richard Stallman advised to use the empty passwords once the access control system has been implemented, and showed the password database can be cracked easily. He has sent all the users the message like "Hi, I see you are using the password %user_password%, why not using the empty string?", so just pressing the key on the logon to proceed.

This was a good idea not to identify yourself with the coded string in pre-WWW world, but unfortunately we live in the world when you are just not allowed to do that, and basically it is not safe anymore. We will try to describe some basic tips to help you with the account protection. These rules are a bit obvious, but still not followed by millions of people.

Duck Side

When you surf the web you should be aware of the hidden issues, the dark side of moon. I will try to explain why Google search usage is not really required (and people just use it as they don't know the alternatives, or know them but still prefer 'the most powerful web engine ever made'

Browsing Survival Rules

You might be sure your are safe on the Internet. You might be sure closing the door and putting the foil on you window is pretty enough to protect your privacy. You may use a special sticker to hide your face from the webcam (that is actually not a bad idea), but you are still vulnerable. Using some tips below you might feel in a safer environment.