Your Face is Booked in the Black Mirror

Dysopian future is what described in the Black Mirror series. They warn us what might happen if we stick we the movement to the brave new world of surveillance, social score and the virtual politicians. It showed the worst parts of the society, making it absolutely clear something is wrong with us. Of course if you are ready to liten.

Making it through the internet we have found a really thrilling patent Facebook applied for. For now they want to make the new level of advertising and analyze the uploaded photos, videos and probably use the webcamera to analyze what else could be sold to the user.

It is not specified what exactly the social network wants to use, and their statements contain quiet general phrases, but the sketch explains the missing details: Facebook wants to specify each object on the photo you interact(ed) with, so you might need more of this in the future.

Even it looks not secure out of the box just by design, we could bet it would be much easier to use the technology with a completely another purpose. Just now companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google (Alphabet) track you outside their websites without real notification, they want to grep your cursor position, where your eyes are looking, they just want to maximize the money from the sponsorship links.

You might not care about this and tell that it's fine to track you as everyone gets profit: Facebook/Google gets some sponsorship money, shops get the customers, you buy "what you really need". Or what you are made to think you need. That's psychology, and it works.

But as it goes in the proper dystopia we are about to have, the purpose is much deeper, and it's not just about to sell you something but more likely to sell you. And to have everything they need to manipulate you.

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