We have GDPRed our policies

Have you seen such mails in your inbox? Like "We have updated our privacy policies, please provide us with the updated ways to own your ass". We bet you have. Those were quite frequent last weeks and days, so you probably seen the joke about the GDPR update notification on the canned beans whatever.

Actually the GDPR is not that bad. In short it makes the companies who work with EU citizens' data (or EEA in some cases) to process the data only in the way it is agreed in ToS without any sharing the info with the third parties without a clear notification. The privacy policies should be written in a simple way and should not be too complicated and have some "hidden bonuses". Basically GDPR protects the privacy - one of the most important practices the one can implement.

But have you counted the amount of the websites or services you have received a notification from? Have you mentioned the total amount of them? Ten, twenty, dozens? Isn't that strange so many websites are pissed of the GDPR and try to avoid any consequences? Is not the Internet sick? Why are so many websites kept the terms of the service and data processing complicated? The answer is simple. Money. Information has always been a power. Some people always want this power. They will have it, but this would be harder for them.

We have prepared some posts with the terms of the service of some popular sites like Twitter or Facebook, pointing what is wrong with those aspects which should not be accepted, but those post are outdated now, but the fight is not over.


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