What do we know about the copyright? People are keen to protect their right to own the information. One smart guy called Aaron Swartz shared the idea that information is the power, and like all power, there are personalities who want to keep it for themselves.

Europe is one step away from the law to change the Internet we know. And it will become worse. It hardly ever becomes better.

Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive will be voted just now - on the 20th of June 2018, and it might be the first step for the total content control in EU. That leads to surveillance, that leads to the censorship, that leads to dystopia.

Sir Tim-Berners Lee, Jimmy Wales, Guido van Rossum, Tim O'Reilly and many others try to explain why the idea of the Article 13 is bad. You can read the letter signed by them here.

Long story shirt, what is this article about? This is the way to fight against the piracy and stealing the content. Just some beautiful words told by those who have no idea about what is the copyright, copyleft and Internet are.

They want the platforms with content (so basically each website) to check the uploaded content in the automatic way, so to check if this is a legal content or should be blocked. That even sounds not just scary but stupid. It won't work properly in any way, even the Google's AI, used on the YouTube, is still not that good, but Google is not a small startup living in the garage and eating only instant noodles with a coke.

Video, text, audio, images. Even such popular memes. Everything is supposed to be filtered. Are you ready to live in such world? We are definitely not. The Internet is in danger again. And we are ones to protect it.

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